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. the four spies the u.s. traded for are expected to arrive at dull rece dulles within the hour and there is news that the swap was in the works before the russians were arrested here. president obama was made a wafrt case on june 11th and it was that day that the idea of a swap was raised well ahead of the considers which took place june 27th. now the swap is complete. ten russian spies arrested in the u.s. were swapped today for four convicted spies serving prison sentences in russia. a plane believed to be carrying the ten russians landed in moscow late this morning. reporters were kept far away from the plane, but it appeared to be the same plane that took off from vienna earlier after the exchange took place. >> we wanted to make sure that we did this as quickly as we could so that we didn't have any kind of ongoing negative impact between the good relationship between united states and russia. >> u.s. officials came up with the names of the four russians they wanted to exchange for the ten spies. >>> back here at home now, we turn to the weather. just a chilly 91 degrees o
works for the u.s. chamber of commerce. she said one of her top priorities is creating policies to create jobs in the state. >> when we come back at 4:00, more legal trouble for joran van der sloot involving the case of a missing teenager. >>> coming up, a killer on the loose. police go door to door warning people that the person behind a fairfax woman's brutal murder may be a stranger. dramatic new developments on the russian spy ring bust that is linked to our area. you can find out who is talking to the feds. >>> and former vice president al gore on something that happened four years ago. >> he approached me and he grabbed me and gave me -- >> you're watching news4 at 5:00. live in hd. >>> the first day of july and wendy regier was seen with a sweater. >> it was cool. >> one more warning where you may have to get a light weight summer wrap. >> good, good. >> a little light weight fabric. perfect weather for sitting outside having your favorite glass of ice tea. a beautiful night tonight and a beautiful day tomorrow. suburbs in the 50s tomorrow morning. outside right now, a be
with the engine. the cars could stall while they are in motion. about 138,000 of them were sold here in the u.s. toyota says it has received about 220 complaints but says there have been no reported accidents. >> police in virginia say a woman was killed in a tragic boat accident when her 7-year-old son was steering. it happened yesterday evening in hampton when the family was headed home after a day out on the water. the little boy asked to steer the boat and accidentally trove it under a dock. the collision reportedly threw his mother into the windshield of the boat and then into the water. she later died at the hospital. no word yet if any charges will be filed against adults in the boat. >>> in news for your health, a study that says tim that was hospital emergency visits associated with underage drinking are 87% higher during the holiday weekend than any other average today in july. that's according to the substance abuse and the mental health services administration. the report estimates that an e.r. sees 502 visits involving underage alcohol useful over the fourth of july weekend, the nu
." they are considering moving to norfolk. legislation to stop the move was recently approved by a u.s. house committee. the nearly 900 foot vessel has provided medical care for u.s. troops in the persian gulf war and iraq. it also help during the 9/11 attacks. hurricane katrina and most recently, the earthquake down in haiti. >>> we have some breaking news in that controversy over the agriculture department employee who was ousted this week about her remarks, her remarks taken out of context about race. agricultural secretary tom vilsack said he has reach her on the phone and apologized what she's been through the last several days. >> i wanted to give they are opportunity to express what i'm sure has been an extraordinary range of emotions that she must have had and still probably does have. she was extraordinarily gracious. >> secretary vilsack said he offer her a new job at the department of agriculture. he said she agreed to consider it. she was forced to rescene earlier this week after a conservative blogger posted an edited video remarks she made to an naacp banquet in georgia earlier this year.
it broke. now you have to fix it because it's broke. >> oh, dear. the u.s. travel association expects americans to take more than 330 million leisure trips during june, july and august. so make sure you keep it leisurely and avoid those breakdown headaches. back to you. >> an ounce of prevention. >> yep. >> thank you. >>> commuters say metro is driving them crazy. the escalators have been down for days and they won't be back any time soon. how are people getting around this problem? >>> also, on the attack. who is stepping in to slam a december councilmember after news4 revealed details about a $50,000 personal debt. >>> a new study puts d.c. at the head of the class. >>> some sprinkles popping up across the area. let me take you there on doppler. north of eldersburg heading toward howard county and right south of reston right now. but in the evening sky, you'll still be able to check out our new crescent moon. it is farther left of venus. almost the same altitude above the horizon. the forecast tomorrow, 95 degrees. more of that hazy sunshine and lots of humidity right through the we
during the weekend. >> thanks. the army intelligence specialist charged with leake u.s. military secrets is now in a jail at quantico, virginia. private manning is accused of leaking a cockpit video of a firefight in baghdad. he is suspected of leaking tens of thousands of secret war logs to the website wikileaks. revealing the informing put our troops in danger, he said sxirgt has the military rethinking the strategy have making intelligence more accessible to combat troops. >>> new reaction to this week's report on that deadly metro train crash. this afternoon the national transportation safety board briefed the d.c. area's congressional delegation. aaron gilchrist is just back from the hill with what law. had to say. >>> lawmaker say metro has to step up and satisfy all 23 recommendations the ntsb made this week, but they went a step if you are, challenging congress to make sure the tools are in place to increase safety for metro, for residents of the district and all the tarrists who have been to the nation's capital. just tuesday, the national transportation safety board released it
folks expect to feel more rumbling? we talked to experts at the u.s. geological survey where they map and track earthquake activity. >> rarely does our region register on the maps that monitor earthquake activity. in fact, this morning's was the strongest quake to hit within 30 miles of d.c. since officials began keeping records back in 1974. >> the first magnitude 3 earthquake that we've had or larger since we've been collecting records. but we have had smaller ones, magnitude 2, and smaller earthquakes there. they do happen. just not very frequently. >> reporter: by noon today, more than 15,000 people have logged on to the u.s. geological survey's website to report feeling it. some as far as pennsylvania and west virginia. so what happened when they felt the rum go when and rattling and heard thunderous noise? >> probably more a reaction to the sort of very distant of large stresses as the earth slowly moves around the plates that make up the earth's surface slowly grind against one another. these old faults can relieve stress and we get these small earthquakes. >> reporter: what sh
is condemning the release of sensitive u.s. military reports on the afghanistan war, describing it as a potential throat u.s. military personnel. wiki posted 90,000 intelligence documents on its website last night. they cover a five-year period from the war from 2004 to 2009. and allegedly detail everything from civilian casualties to taliban missile strikes. at a news conference this morning, the website's founder said he hopes the information will lead to changes in war policies. >> what we would like to see is some material, the revelations this material gives be taken seriously. investigated by governments, and new policies put in place as a result. if not prosecutions. >> he add that had his organization still has another 15,000 files to post online. pentagon official are looking for those responsible for leaking or hacking into the secret reports. >>> tomorrow we may know what caused the deadliest crash in metro history. the national transportation safety board is meeting with crash investigators on tuesday before holding a final vote the cause of the crash. the
it costs you an additional 28 bucks. u.s. passports are required for anyone traveling abroad including canada, mexico and the caribbean. >>> reminds us of common ways people waste money on vacation. don't pay more for accommodations than you need. the glossy brochures unless you plan on spending a lot of time in your room. >>> avoid buying tickets at the gate. many attractions offer discounts if you buy tickets before you arrive. consider memberships that might save you money, aaa and aarp offer discounts on hotels and campgrounds and attractions. and don't pick the most expensive transportation option. ask yourself do you really need a rental car or can you take public transportation? when you are looking to book a flight consider taking the train it easily could be cheaper. you may have taken the gulf coast after your vacation list this year. you may wouldn't to reconsider. resorts are reporting some beaches arer iffectly clean. "usa today" reports several hotels along the gulf are easing cancellation policies and some are luring guests with special offers. some hotel
. this story is not unique. about 3,500 cases of battery ingestions are reported to u.s. poison centers each year. more than a dozen children have died. >> some of cheese children won't eat again normally, they won't talk again normally, they'll have breathing problems the rest of their lives. >> reporter: amy still has the battery that was lodged in his esophagus and she found lithium dick batteries all over her home. in her kids' books that she now keeps out of reach. she also removes small batteries from things like her thermometer. >> baby proof everything. always keep the batteries out of the way. stains that you haven't, that you can't get rid of. >> are you going to press the button? >> as for caden today -- >> he is good today. he is wonderful today. >> so he is all better. there is a 24-hour national battery ingestion hotline. you dial 202-625-3333 or call the poison center if you think your child has swallowed anything, including a battery. doctors are working hard to bring awareness to the dangers of batteries and they're recommending manufacturers redesign products so they requir
, there is the u.s. capitol building. a beautiful day outside. temperature have climbed into the upper 70s and low 80s now. 81 degrees at national airport. the dew point still comfy, comfy, comfy in the low 40s. our humidity, only 24%. that's pretty nice outside. that's not going to last as we get into the middle parts of next week. the temperature, mid 70s at 9:00 p.m. low 70s at 11:00 p.m. mid 60s as you get the day started first thing tomorrow morning. >> for you. if you're getting up at 5:00 a.m. saturday morning, more power to you. outside, a look at the satellite view. over the next 12 hours, a big center of high pressure over the front of it. on the back side, the temperatures are warming up very quickly. places like bismarck, north dakota, and portions of minnesota in the high 90s, near 100 degrees. a lot of heat to our west. and that big bubble of warm air is coming in our direction. here are the remnant rainfalls from what was hurricane alex. absolutely inundating the lone star state of texas. abilene, dallas,' worth, flooding rains across places like san antonio and houston. an awful lo
of citizenship and one that requires local law enforcement to check immigration status. the u.s. justice department is praising the ruling whale arizona governor says it is just a temporary bump in the road. the state plans to appeal. >>> the battle over illegal immigration is also hitting close to home today. 7-year-old maryland resident daisy made national headlines back in may when she disclosed her parents were undocumented immigrants to first lady michelle obama whale cameras were rolling. this evening, daisy and hundred of others are rallying in front of the white house. they're calling on the obama administration to support undocumented immigrants and their children. we'll have a live report on that rally later in the news cast. >>> it was the first major hiccup in the contrary of stephen strasburg but it didn't happen during the game. he was pull before even throwing a pitch. and now it's unclear when he'll throw his next one. >> reporter: stephen strasburg had a is the crown jewel, scratch last night. about nine or ten minutes before the game because he could not get his shoulde
this morning. the u.s. naval academy says four suffered heat exhaustion after completing an obstacle, the course an endurance test that involved jumping and climbing. the cadets received medical attention as soon as they were done. no word this evening on their condition. >>> the triple digit temperatures are also taking a toll on amtrak. all of the northeast operations are delayed today because the tracks are so hot. marc trains are operating at slower speeds. coming up in the next half hour, our team coverage continues with the latest on dallas. >>> the extreme heat isn't impacting the washington, d.c. area. millions up and down the east coast are suffering record high temperatures. new york city is cooled from a record 103 degrees to just under 100. but the heat index still makes it feel like it's over 100 degrees. new york city officials are cooling off tourists and locals with portable water fountains in times square. the sweltering heat in boston has forced many outdoor workers to adjust their hours. several illnesses are being blamed on the extreme weather. in philadelphia, to
by 60%. while the radial procedure is used commonly in other countries, it is only done in about 1% of u.s. cases. >> a real procedure can be technically challenging. it can take a long time to get comfortable. it requires skill. >> reporter: but the doctor believes it is worth it. not only because it may be safer but it is better for patient comfort. usually patients are asked to lie still for four to six hours after a cardiac catheterization to lessen the chance of bleeding but after a radial procedure, patients are able to get up and walk around immediately. >> the wrist didn't hurt or anything. i was in no pain. when they finished with me, i was in no pain whatsoever. >> reporter: george was able to get his catheterization through the wrist. doctors found two blocked arteries. and we were able to insert stents to open them up. >> right now, i'm feeling much better. since they did the operation. >> i want to live to see them in college. >> reporter: these work especially well for patients who are obese or who suffer from back pain and for whom it is uncomfortable to lie still for a long
where we don't normally take them. >> reporter: she was with the u.s. department of agriculture and reminds us of the dangers of food and summertime temperatures. >> bacteria has ample opportunities to grow faster. >> reporter: the usda report about 76 million foodborne illness cases which result in about 5,000 deaths every year. so first tip about this. >> it important to put it in the refrigerator. if you put it in the refrigerator, it is important to cover it. you don't want the raw meat hanging out on its own. >> reporter: if you have the juice left over -- >> it is important to boil it so that it kills any bacteria that might be in the juice. >> or just keep it separate to begin. with keep it w from the raw meat. >> correct. >> reporter: cooler pack tips. >> make sure you have sealed containers that are tight so juices don't come out. >> the raw chicken. >> reporter: and make sure that all the food goes into one cooler and not any of the drinks. >> that's right. pack two coolers. >> we're always opening the cooler to get a drink out. it changes the temperature in the cooler
.c. national garment armory. this area's job fair features several agencies and included the u.s. park police army national guard military police and montgomery county police and the secret service. >>> the economy is still shaping up to be a big issue in decision 2010. especially with 92 have the new financed overhaul and how much americans will pay in taxes. hear to discuss that and more is david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" this sunday. good to see you. a lot of signing this is week, especially on the economy. a busy week. >> some distractions, obviously work the surely sherrod story but the economy is so central. signing financial reform legislation, a huge achievement for the administration. a huge overhaul of how we regulate wall street. this nagging question and where are the jobs? what about the housing market? you had that story a moment ago. the truth is that unemployment will remain really hey. as long as that's the case, the housing market won't be able to rebound. the two are lirnged if people are out of work. it is such a huge, huge problem. his outlook for the economy
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16